Pinpoint your customers.


Pinpoint your customers.

Bull’s-eye marketing

Ever notice the ads on the web pages you visit almost seem tailor-made for you? Thanks to display advertising, they are.

Display advertising refers to the use of ads — text, video or audio — on a website. Targeted display ads are those image ads seen at the top, sides, bottom, and in-content placements on websites and mobile applications while you consume online content. Businesses use these to reach a website’s traffic by placing an ad alongside the website’s content. But, it goes deeper than that. These ads can be targeted to customers exhibiting traits a business wants in its audience.

Target interested customers

At LOCALiQ Jacksonville, we are focused on making your advertising dollars count. Our online display advertising data resources enable us to deliver messaging based on specific consumer traits that are relevant to your organization.

These traits can be demographic, psychographic-focused or behavioral variables. Targeting these traits allows your message to reach your intended audience. An audience that is more likely to be interested in your products or services.

 The Google Display Network reaches 90% of internet users worldwide.

Source: Google Ads

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