Leverage the power of promotions

Leverage the tremendous reach of our large audience with custom advertiser promotions. Advertiser promotions are aligned with a customized media plan and executed across our comprehensive media channels. This allows you to achieve your marketing objectives.

Promotions provide an incentive for our audience to engage with your brand on even a deeper level which provides you with the opportunity to acquire them as a new customer.

Sharing via social media enables an amplification of your marketing message and builds valuable E-mail audiences. Promotions also have the ability to generate leads as well as in-store traffic.

Types of promotions


Sweepstakes, Photo & Video Contests, & Sports Pick’ems

Run contests to generate revenue and excite your audience, while building your email database of new users for future campaigns. Reach an even larger audience with extra chances and social sharing incentives.

Interactive Content

Trivia, Personality Quizzes, Ballots, Polls & Photo Galleries

Leverage interactive content to create unique experiences that your audience will love, while learning more about their interests and buying habits.

Maximize your potential.

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