Last year, a study by Microsoft Corp. found that humans now have a shorter attention span than goldfish. We can concentrate for about eight seconds, whereas notoriously feeble-minded goldfish tend to stay focused for nine.

In 2000, people generally lost concentration after 12 seconds. It’s no secret our highly digital world has contributed to our four-second decrease in attention. With endless stimulation via TV, computers, phones and games, people (myself included) are watching a show while reading an article and listening to music. In reality, we’re giving none of these activities our full attention.

As you can imagine, advertisers are fighting an uphill battle to be noticed. Not only are they battling our devices and short attention span, but companies must compete with one another while speaking to a variety of customers who may not have the same wants and needs.

It’s probably been more than eight seconds of reading, so if you’re still with me, thanks, and I’ll get to the point. Today, I’m diving into how advertisers can break through all the distractions to catch customer attention.

‘If you can make a girl laugh, you can make her buy anything’

Okay, that’s not exactly the expression, but I think it rings true for advertisement. Using comedy or clever quips is a great way to connect with customers. When I think about the advertisements that I share with friends on Facebook or watch over and over on YouTube, I’d say 90 percent are humorous.IMG_8420

Commercials always have a big buzz around the Super Bowl. Some are heartwarming and others and just plain weird, but it always seems to be the funny ones that make a lasting impression. This list of the Funniest Super Bowl Commercials Of 2016 might remind you why funny is memorable.

Bang for my buck

Sales definitely motivate my buying habits. I can’t resist a good flash sale or BOGO event. While reducing prices is sure to draw attention, proving value can be equally as powerful.

Kitchen on San Marco demonstrates how to offer a reduced price while using language and images that present value. The restaurant entices Instagram users with professional photos and a $40 three-course, three-wine dinner, offered exclusively on Wednesday.

Hashtags like #FarmtoTable speaks to those that are interested in enjoying the gastropub’s locally sourced fare. But, you don’t have to be a foodie to know that three courses and wine at that price is a steal.

Take on a trend

You might not expect a museum to be in on a trendy topic like Pokémon Go. That’s why Facebook fans were surprised and delighted when the Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens offered an invitation to “catch ‘em all.”

InsightsAttentionCummerA business doesn’t have to be “cool” to cash in on trends. Find a way to incorporate your advertising into trending topics (check out the trending topics on Facebook and Twitter for ideas) to reach a wider audience.

At the end of the day, there is no secret formula to creating an advertisement that will capture customer attention. But, these tips can help your business stand out — even if it’s only for eight seconds.




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