In the online realm of social media marketing, video is quickly becoming the currency of the kingdom. Not only has Facebook made subtle changes to its algorithm to boost placement of video, Instagram and Snapchat have begun moving beyond static images to videos.

In short, people are no longer reading posts and sharing photos so much as they are engaging with video. And if you want to engage with them, video’s the way to go.

But how do you make a video that’s engaging, shareable, likable and helps people discover your business? Here are a few simple steps.

First: Come Up With An Idea

We know. Duh. Of course you start with an idea.

But hear us out. There are ideas, and then there are IDEAS. So much online video these days was clearly done on the spur of the moment, without being built on a firm foundation of a strong central thesis. If you don’t want to be lost among the chorus of selfie videos (almost all of which start with the phrase “what’s up, everybody?”) this is a crucial first step.

There are a few ways to approach this scientifically. The first is to check out your own content to see what’s being shared. If you have a blog, check out Google Analytics to see your top-performing posts. You can even check a source like Buzzsumo for your most shared content.

You can also search Buzzsumo for the most shared content on different topics, which leads us to our next way to generate ideas, which is to borrow them. Check out Facebook’s Pages to Watch and you can compare your page against similar pages to see what’s working for them.

Second: Make it Pop

Now that you have your groundbreaking idea, it’s time to commit it to video. Once again, there are a few things you need to keep in mind if you’re going to elevate your video above the endless array of social media videos out there.

The first – grab their attention right from the get-go. Most social media platforms default to auto-playing videos, so you want to give them something that will make them stop scrolling right away. Get your message out there right away, along with your branding, and communicate the central idea of your video within the first few seconds. Easy, right?

It’s also worth noting that there are a few mechanical elements that can lead to greater success with video. The first is some kind of visual for those watching with the sound off, whether it’s captions or text title cards. According to Digiday, roughly 85 percent of people watching your video will do so with the sound off, and roughly zero percent of them will watch you flapping your gums without knowing what you’re saying. In addition, crop your video to a square to not only boost engagement, but ease sharing across platforms.

Third: Keep it Professional

A quick, casual selfie video is fine for the occasional Facebook live post, but if you really want to stand out it’s definitely worth the investment to get a few pieces of equipment and software to give your video that professional polish.

The first is a decent microphone. While you can still film attention-grabbing videos with nothing more than your phone, the audio quality of your average smartphone mic is not going to cut it. Amazon sells a simple lapel mic for $20 that plugs right into your phone, giving you that professional-grade sound for pennies. The next investment you’ll want to make is a tripod. Lifewire has a great rundown on some of the best tripods out there.

Then, of course, you’ll want to edit it all together. Depending on your phone, you may have some native editing capabilities that will enable you to do rudimentary edits such as cuts, volume adjustments, etc. Obviously, this isn’t going to cut the mustard. If you really want to give your video that Hollywood blockbuster treatment, you’re going to need to invest in an editing app.

iPhone users should check out Videohance, which gives you a whole suite of options from color correction to camera motion to special filters for setting the mood of a video. For you Android users, check out Filmorago, which uses a simple interface to deliver powerful editing capabilities including music, effects and more.

Then, once you’ve shot and edited your masterpiece, it’s time to share. Just sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

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