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At Times-Union Media, we pride ourselves on our ability to build custom digital and print campaigns based on each company’s unique needs. See some examples of our work below:

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We’ve had a long partnership with the Times-Union. We’ve run print ads forever and most recently we worked together on It’s always been one of our best and most effective forms of advertising for the Jacksonville Suns.

Peter Bragan, Jr.
Owner Jacksonville Suns

The Times-Union is a great business partner. Professional and responsive are the two best attributes that I would use to describe them. In the age of everyone trying to "out-tech" each other,  the Times-Union proves to be consistent and on target for us and our clients. Thanks T-U!

Rob D’Augustinis
Sales Manager Tom Bush MINI

At a time where the Internet and personal sites are getting larger and larger, we know there is still  a need to use the Times-Union to reach our market effectively. The Drive section has also been a very nice addition and huge source of automotive information and news on the industry as well as what’s go on  in our area. The section is a key area for us to advertise.

Tom O’Steen
Co-Owner O’Steen Automotive Group